Award-Winning Author, Journalist, Columnist and Radio Personality Kathleen Antrim                    





This questions seems inconceivable to journalist Jack Rudley, but so did the murder of his own father, Senator William Rudley.  Now his father is dead and all roads lead to the White House.  Roads Jack must take if he's ever to know the truth. Roads twisted by deceit, revenge, power and murder.  Roads First Lady Carolyn Alden Lane navigates with great skill.

When she learns she's a pawn in a deadly bid for the White House, her world comes crashing down.  Driven by desperation, she refuses to take the fall alone.  But how far will she go to even the score?  Against all odds, Jack searches for the truth, a truth that may cost him his life, while Carolyn struggles to survive in a web of savage political corruption.

(From high-stakes political maneuvering and back-room deals to campaign machinations, corruption, and cover-ups, with CAPITAL OFFENSE, Kathleen Antrim has written a riveting tale of American politics. And, with the coming 2004 presidential election, the book provides a prescient message about the immense, unregulated power of first ladies.)

“'24' meets ‘The West Wing' in the most shocking political thriller of the year.  This pulse-pounding political thriller has it all, riveting characters, a spellbinding plot and a shocking conclusion.  Tightly wrought characters battle for survival as the plot hurtles forward at warp speed.  Plan to stay up late.  Highly recommended.”

---VINCE FLYNN, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Frighteningly real, Capital Offense rivets you from the very first page.  High-octane suspense, brutal deceit and premeditated murder escalate to an unforgettable conclusion.  You'll think about this book long after you’ve read the last page.  Impossible to put down.”

--LEE CHILD, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The best kind of thriller . . . fast-paced, spellbinding and complex with a heavy dose of reality.  Socially and politically relevant, CAPITAL OFFENSE proves Antrim has the heart of an investigative journalist with the adroit touch of a master novelist . . . A stunning debut.”

--SCOTT McKIBBEN, Publisher, The San Francisco Examiner